Project Mata Ji Gaushala
Project Size 2 x 100KW Biogas Genset
Input Fuel Biogas (Cow Dung)
Commissioning October 2017
Contract Type Operation & Maintenance

Mata Ji Gaushala, a non-profitable organization working for the betterment of cows in india’sBarsana region. Gaushala is located on the hilltop of Barsana region having beautiful view of the countryside, which is said to be the biggest Gaushala in India having more than 50 thousand cows.

The Gaushala was founded by ParamPujya Shri Ramesh Baba Ji Maharaj, a renounced saint living in MaanMandir, Barsana. The project Mataji Gaushala was started on 7th July 2007 by adopting only 2 cows, which were brought from the roadside. In order to save cows from slaughtering, Shri Ramesh Baba Ji started the project with a SANKALP to own 1 lakh cows in this Gaushala.

In the year 2008-09, construction of cow blocks and storage sheds for the capacity of serving 8000 cows. In year 2009-10 with over 12000 cows, the Gaushala was further expanded by constructing more sheds and mechanizing daily operations. In year 2010- 2011 with over 15000 cows, hospital for treating ill cows was established, construction of more storage sheds and new milk blocks, addition land was purchased for creating a new extension of the gaushala. With the extension, the total area of the Gaushala land is 45 acres. In year 2014-15 with over 38000 cows, Gaushala started biogas to power plant with 60 Tons per day processing capacity.

Galaxy Power International got in touch with the Gaushala and in a sense to contribute back to the society GPI with its expertise provided customized 2 x 100KW Biogas based power plant to the gaushala. Power generated through the biogas is being used in the gaushala. Galaxy power international takes care of the maintenance and spares for the genset to provide reliable performance with maximum uptime.