Project Sanwariya Gas
Project Size 1 x 200KW + 1 x 150KW + 2 x 100KW

Natural Gas Based genset.

Input Fuel Natural Gas (Piped)
Commissioning October 2016
Contract Type 5 year rental with Operation & Maintenance


Galaxy Power International (GPI)  has been provided an opportunity by Sanwariya Gas Limited, a city gas distribution (CGD) company to provide engineering design and supply of 250KVA, 180KVA, 125KVA Cummins Gas Genset for their Gas Stations based in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA.

Sanwariya Gas being the CGD of Mathura having responsibility to provide natural gas to household and transport system like private cars, bus and government transport.

Their Gas stations are at a different location in Mathura region of India to provide natural gas in the given territory and these Gas filling stations were originally running on State Electricity with frequent interruption in power resulting loss in revenue. By installing customized Gas Genset package for each Gas station from Galaxy, customer gets uninterrupted quality power supply to improve their station revenues and uptime.

Galaxy Power International has enough expertise to customize the gas genset package as per the requirement of their client from different industries. GPI gas genset package was chosen for this project due to proven performance in high ambient conditions, lower operating costs and suitability for off-grid ‘island’ power applications.